Starting ~ 1983, Bob Spapperi our founder and a group of 8 guys from Chicago went on a fishing trip to northern Wisconsin.  During the trip, they drove past Stevens Point, Wisconsin and noticed a golf course that looked like it was "carved" out of a wooded preserve.  Returning, they stopped by to checked it out and found the course to be so pristine and unique Bob felt he just had to play it. The following year he put together two foursomes and played this course, thus the beginning of the Linguini Classic.  The golf course was called SentryWorld, on the headquarters campus of Sentry Insurance Co.  Included on the campus were sports fields, indoor tennis courts, and many other sports facilities.  It was hailed as the sports complex for the town of Stevens Point.

After the initial year, participation in the annual event grew, mostly from fellow workers at ComEd, the electric utility in Chicago IL.  Ever since then the participation has been tremendous.  The event grew to a 2-day event at Sentry World and later to a 3-day event that included, adding 18, then 27 holes, all played the same day at Lake Arrowhead in Nekoosa Wisconsin (18 holes for individual score, & a 9 hole team scramble). Over the years it reached its maximum roster of 56 players and each year there are a few new faces, as former players move away, but it also serves as a "reunion" for many of the players, many that have attended all or most of the event's life.

This year, 2020, marks the 36th anniversary of the event and the 6th year after returning to the remodeled SentryWorld course (closed for 2013 & 2014).  For those that have attended in the past, WELCOME BACK.  For those hopefuls wishing to play for the 1st time, please contact another participant or Richard Schroeder (708)-878-3913, for more information...WE HAD 3 NEW PLAYERS IN 2019, LET'S ADD A FEW MORE EACH YEAR!.

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